Where is it?

Second Saturday spans across downtown. This past month, we had participants from F Street Farmer’s market up at Golden State Mall, down F street to The Hen’s Roost, all the way over to Q street where Mill Creek Antiques and Cafe Smitten are. Each month, the businesses change and new offers are announced. Check out the latest map here.


What time does it start?

The map has hours as provided by each business, so take another look at the map for specific details here. Since Second Saturday brings the community to storefronts + farmer's markets downtown, the hours vary by owner + offering.


I'm a business but i don't have a storefront downtown. How do I get involved?

We'd love to have you in on the fun of Second Saturday. The best way is to review our vendor guide to get more information. You can not sign up as a mobile/tent vendor using our site, as we only curate a map for businesses with Downtown storefronts. 


How do I get my business featured on the map?

The only way to be on our monthly map is to sign up via our sign up page here.


i'm a non-profit with a storefront downtown. How do I get my business featured on the map?

The only way to be on our monthly map is to sign up via our website at www.bakersfieldsecondsaturday.com. Because you're a non-profit, we offer discounts on the 'map partner' offering using code "nonprofit" at checkout. We offer this for 501(c)(3) registered + recognized organizations only.


I'm a downtown business and want to have multiple mobile/tent vendors on my property for second saturday. Can I do that?

Of course! To get your business and vendor fair on the map, apply as a storefront and indicate who will be joining you. Whatever you list on the application will be put on the map, so please double check. Be sure your vendors have proper documentation, follow your protocol, and that you're following city rules for vendors on your property. 


why do i have to pay to be on the map?

We're all about curating a wonderful map each month and to get the community excited about it. To do it right it does cost money. The funds spent go directly to pay for professional design, printing and paid promotions on social media. The Purveyor House team manages the development of Second Saturday, through website design, communication, map design and social media management. Photography + Videography by Lex & Ev is featured on our website and social media accounts.


My question isn't answered here, who can i contact?

Please email hello@bakersfieldsecondsaturday.com + the team will respond as quickly as possible.